Data summary

There are approximately 39794 data measurements taken from 3547 stations that are avaliable either through request or download from the LIMNADES database at the current time. Measurements stretch back nearly 30 years with most being recorded between 2000 and the current time. The hope is to further grow the database into the future and fill in any gaps.

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Data spatial distribution

Take a look at our interactive map below to explore the spatial distribution of data across the globe

Licence distribution

Datasets held within LIMNADES are associated with number of different licences. A summary of licences across a selection of the more common datasets contained within LIMNADES is detailed below

Type of measurement Table name Licence A Licence B Licence C Licence D Licence E
Apparent Optical Property (AOP) Remote Sensing Refectance (λ) (sr-1) 45 557 377 1157
Biogeochemical constituent Chlorophyll a (mg m-3) 785 242 490 10100
Biogeochemical constituent Inorganic suspended matter (mg l-1) 39 508 72 7754
Biogeochemical constituent Phycocyanin (mg l-1) 237 389
Biogeochemical constituent Total suspended matter (mg l-1) 39 508 72 7754
Inherent Optical Property (IOP) aph (λ) (m-1) 367 718
Inherent Optical Property (IOP) aCDOM (λ) (m-1) 39 367 719
Inherent Optical Property (IOP) aNAP (λ) (m-1) 367 500

As you can see many of the licences held within the LIMNADES database are request only data licences (C-E), meaning that if you are interested in that data you will have to make a request to that particular data owner. A smaller percentage is however open access and free to download (A-B).

Specific measurements