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The LIMNADES (Lake Bio-optical Measurements and Matchup Date for Remote Sensing) data repository was a concept formed during the GloboLakes research project, which ended in 2018. The database is still maintained at the University of Stirling.

The original purpose of the LIMNADES project was to establish a centralised database of ground bio-optical measurements of worldwide lakes through voluntary cooperation across the international scientific community.

-LIMNADES currently provides a repository for:
  1. Inherent and apparent optical property datasets and associated water constituent measurements;
  2. In-situ water constituent measurements for satellite validation;
  3. However, we are also open to new ideas and developing data avenues such as the collection of citizen science data.

At present time, the LIMNADES database securely holds datasets from over 25 verified research groups from over 200 lakes across the globe, representing arguebly the most diverse centralised bio-optical data repository in the world in terms of temporal, spatial and measurand coverage.

As a result, there have been a number of high-impact cross-institutional research outputs generated from the LIMNADES database.

Research outputs

Dataset statistics

Future developments

The GloboLakes Project officially finished in 2018, however our long-term vision still remains the same to develop new technologies in satellite water quality monitoring.

-Hence, our aim in the future is to:
  1. Encourage further growth of the LIMNADES data repository by welcoming new contributions from new and old members alike;
  2. Maintain and quality current and incoming data.
  3. Facilitate the redistribution of current data and promote international collaboration.

To achieve these goals we want to increase the number of LIMNADES members. Signing up takes two minutes

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