Research outputs

Global impact

The data that forms the LIMNADES database has already been used to in more than 50 publications. We have seleted a few examples of how the data has been used below

Chlorophyl a estimation in Loch Leven

In situ data including Chlorophyl a derived from water samples and remote sensing refectence data captured using radiometry were collected from Loch Leven by the University of Stirling. Radiometric data were used to inform atmospheric correction models and chlorophyl a values derived from water samples were used to develop and validate algorithms. Together satelite images obtained from a sentinel II passover into chlorophyl a estimates across the lake.

The below sequence demonstrates this process where accumulations of organic matter chlorophyl a are found round the edges of the lake potentially posing a risk to the general public. Satellite technology is increasingly being used around the world as an early warning system by governments and environment agencies.

Water leaving irradiance

More come soon...